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Healing Trauma

SEE This link as a model for the Healing the Emotional Aftermath from Trauma web page

Register for Healing Trauma – a series of intimate lectures in-person and webinars. (Van’s audio recording 10/25 turned into video)

At some time in our life we experience a major trauma that leaves us stuck in an emotional aftermath. The event is different for each person and can result with dysfunction that harms our psyche, our personal relationships or undermines our work abilities. Each of us is looking for real tools to overcome the fear or the lost abilities we are now experiencing in our daily lives. There is a way to transform your tragedy into powerful remedies to heal your mind, body and emotions.

In this 4-minute Introductory video Van discusses the root causes and healing of emotional pain and physical ailments based on Mind-Body medicine and the principles of A Course in Miracles.

fear, anxiety, depression, bi-polar and schizophrenia based on the principles of A Course In Miracles.

(BNI Healing Journey video, need to add a first slide with Van’s resume and someone else’s voice of the over dialogue)  Van describes the trajectory of this profound journey — from being shattered by dysfunction from stroke and lethal prognosis to  inspiration and healing.

View here: 

Jessica shares that true liberation from core wounds, shadows, ego fixations and suffering of duality requires that we can “be with all of it.” Learn to create your own pathway to embodied wholeness.

Only then can we transcend the suffering of trauma and transform it to inner peace and health.

The insights and practices (including a recommended daily 3 Centers meditation) in each of the 12 sessions can help you begin to embody an innate wholeness that the fixations and patterns of the “unexamined ego” obscure.

Again, there’s still time to join this truly profound training with Van.

In this series you’ll:

  • Experience immediacy and aliveness without fear
  • Begin to heal childhood experiences of powerlessness
  • Regain the potency of your sensations and sensuality
  • Release fear and resistance to others’ power, and experience ways to invite them to show up fully
  • Discover somatic, emotional and cognitive patterns that block aliveness, empowerment and presence
  • Examine thoughts that promote helplessness and powerlessness
  • Precisely Illuminate the power and vitality in our shadows
  • Discern new pathways of relating to others when we are installed in full vibrancy

If you do join, know that Van will take you on an extraordinary journey of soul restoration, real emotional breakthroughs, and profound self-discovery.

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