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Since his recovery from stroke and trauma, he completed a Masters’ Degree in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, expanded studies in Functional Medicine with specialization in neurosciences. He’s the founder of Tahoe Neuro Healing located in Truckee, CA just north of beautiful Lake Tahoe. Prior to, he was the owner and lead designer of a special effects company in Los Angeles and worked in motion pictures, televisions and theme park development for 20 years with clients such as Universal Studios and Steven Spielberg.



California License of Acupuncture, which is Primary Health Care. It includes biomedicine, herb medicine, nutrition and physical medicine.

NCCAOM Certifications – Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Biomedicine and Oriental Medicine. 

Interactive Metronome Certification as an In-clinic and Home provider.

MSTOM – Master of Science Traditional Oriental Medicine

MFA & BFA – Theatrical Design & Technologies

Trauma Van Overcame
In was Christmas Eve 2001. Van was in midst of his divorce from 12-year marriage, closing his special effects company due to industry decline, was out of work, in process of selling his home when he was diagnosed with a mysterious blood disorder causing congestive heart failure. The doctor’s suspected cancer and Van was a high risk of heart attack, pulmonary embolism and stroke. During the following six months while treated in oncology, his brain began to degenerate of no identifiable cause and he had a series of strokes. This left him with significant deficits with no treatment for a cure and given six to twelve months to live. He was fearful of his future, experiencing severe anxiety, depression and hopelessness – he experienced trauma.

Today, Van is alive and doing great. He not only overcame his medical condition, he overcame the devastating emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual traumas that coincided. He provides treatments and classes to assist others to heal.

A Unique Holistic & Integrative Process for Treating Trauma
The state of California recognizes the Chinese Medicine diagnosis of Shen Disturbance as any emotional, mental, psychological or psychiatric disorder as defined by Conventional Medicine and Psychology.

Van has enhanced the traditional treatment of Shen Disturbance that includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, diet and exercise by integrating the science of psycho-neuroendocrine-immunology, neurophysiology of the brain, emotional-mental cognitive processes, mind-body medicine and spiritual philosophy to create a truly Holistic therapy.

This is a potent combination to address the many underlying factors that create the trauma response: physiological, emotional, mental and environmental.

Are you struggling with a life situation or health circumstance that has you emotionally unravelling, feeling overwhelmed or devastated?

Contact Van for a consultation and see if his process for healing trauma is for you. Ask about SHEN Therapy.

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